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Wine Storage With Premium Spaces

Why choose Premium Spaces to store your fine wine?

If you are a wine seller, producer, or aficionado, then you know the importance of great wine storage in order to properly preserve your wine collection.

Select Premium Spaces facilities offer wine storage units so that your business can order in bulk, or you can keep your personal prized array of bottles in a safe and secure location.

Whether you are a connoisseur or novice of wine, there is no doubt that proper wine storage is an essential part of the wine experience.

How Does Wine Storage Protect My Wine?

See why a wine storage unit is ideal for storing your product or even your personal collection!

Temperature & Humidity Control

Our wine storage units are kept at 55-58 degrees and are humidity-controlled.

Backup Generators

To ensure consistent refrigeration, the units are equipped with a backup generator because air and humidity control is an important factor in the quality of your wine.

Airflow Control

Our wine storage solutions block out unwanted air that can impact the color and taste of your wine.

Light Control

For the best results, our wine storage units are kept fairly dark and not exposed to direct sunlight. We know too much light can damage the wine’s flavor.

Variety of Sizes

Premiums Spaces offers private metal lockers that come in a variety of sizes ranging from the smallest, which holds 24 cases (285 bottles), to the largest, which holds 500 cases (6,000 bottles).

Luxury Spaces

An added bonus to storing your wine with us? Access to our tasting rooms and lounges where you can share your wine collection with friends and relax!

Find Wine Storage Near You Today

When you store your wine with Premium Spaces you will have peace of mind knowing your collection is being stored under all the right conditions.

Pair that with our standard security features, and you can rest easy knowing that your collection will be in the same condition you left it whenever you return to enjoy a glass.

Find a facility near you that offers wine storage and save valuable space in your home today.

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