The College Storage Guide

Storage units for college students and a guide for your freshman year!

Packing Your Dorm for Summer Storage

If you’ve taken care when moving into your dorm at the beginning of the year, you likely have a wide variety of storage items. In general, be sure to use high-quality cardboard boxes or, if you are able, easily stackable plastic bins, which have the benefit of being see-through.

You’ll also want to organize well—so say hello again to those sharpies and labels that you used during your move-in.

Additionally, when storing those items for the next few months, it’s important to do so properly in order to prevent damage and unnecessary wear and tear.

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Freshman Moving Guide & Dorm Room Essentials

Starting college is an important new chapter in the lives of students. For many, it’s the first time they’ve lived away from their parents, and it represents newfound freedom that is equal parts exciting and daunting. As a result, the last thing on many students’ minds is making sure they’re ready for move-in day. You’ll need to bring many little things to your dorm room, but the essentials can be condensed into a few core categories. These important questions to ask yourself can serve as a guideline:

Bedding and Bath Supplies

What do you need to sleep and groom? Examples include sheets, pillows, blankets, towels, shower shoes, and soap.


What situations and weather do you need to prepare for? Examples include coats, dress clothes, sleeping clothes, sportswear, and casual wear.

School Supplies

What do you need for class? Examples include pens and pencils, sticky notes, headphones, binders, planners, a computer, and scissors.


What do you need to relax and have fun? Examples include snacks, a television, a comfy chair, rugs, personal photos and effects, and posters.

Packing Your Car

Help your self declutter with these simple steps.

Whether you have a tiny sedan, a lumbering van, or anything in between, you’ll need to load it up with your items.

Here are a few miscellaneous tips for this stage of the process:

  • Don’t impede your visibility
  • Place heavy items on the bottom
  • Use tape to secure your boxes
  • Use blankets to cover delicate items

Don’t Forget to Use Self Storage

Dorm rooms are notoriously small, and sharing them with another person can be frustrating at times. While you can’t make your dorm room bigger, you can acquire more space.

Self storage units are a great option for students. Month-to-month leases allow you to rent when you need to, be it until the end of the semester or during the summer.

Affordable storage lockers also let you get a little extra space at a good price. Best of all, as a student, you’ll often qualify for special discounts and pricing!

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