Frisco Wine Storage

Wine Storage at 155 Old Newman Way, Frisco, TX 75034

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Monday to Friday9:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Monday to Sunday5:00 AM - 10:00 PM

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Wine Storage Units in Frisco

Store your wine at a facility designed specifically for wine.

Luxury Wine Tasting Rooms & Lounges

No wine storage facility would be complete without a tasting room to enjoy your favorite wine with friends or potential customers. 

We offer a large tasting room so you can pour yourself a glass after restocking your unit, or you can invite friends to try your new favorite wine. Just remember to drink responsibly! 

Having a good glass of wine is a luxurious experience, and having a place to properly store your wine so it will always maintain its proper flavor is just as luxurious. 

No matter if you enjoy red or white, sparkling or still, our wine storage units are kept at the optimal temperature for them all.

Conveniently Located

Frisco Wine Storage is conveniently located near Frisco-area locales including:

  • Kings Road Estates
  • Lake Crossing
  • Windsor Place
  • Rancho Real
  • Landing at Waterstone

Premium Wine Storage in Frisco, TX

If you’re a world traveler who often ships your favorite wines back home from your travels, are a wine distributor for local restaurants and bars in the area, or just want a place to store your growing collection of wine, we have a wine storage solution for you.

When you visit our premier wine storage facility located on Old Newman Road, you’ll likely be met with a number of wine storage sizes. While it can be a little overwhelming to choose, you can rest assured that all of our wine storage units are kept at 55-58 degrees, humidity-controlled, and equipped with a backup generator so the quality of your wine is never in jeopardy.

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Wine Storage Sizes

Choose the right size storage unit for your wine with Frisco Wine Storage.

At Frisco Self Storage, we know that storing your wine at the proper temperature is crucial to preserving the integrity of your red, white, and sparkling wines. Plus, all of our units are designed so that your bottles can be stored on their sides to keep out unwanted contaminants

At Frisco Self Storage, we offer five sizes for our wine storage units. 

Come by to tour our facility and check out our wine tasting rooms!

  • 3' x 2.5' – This unit is about the size of a locker and holds up to 24 cases (288 bottles) of wine; perfect for those saving a special wine for a wedding or large party.
  • 4' x 2.5' – This unit holds up to 28 cases (336 bottles) of wine; a good choice for wine enthusiasts and jet setters who often ship back their favorite wines in bulk.
  • 5' x 2.5' – This unit holds up to 40 cases (480 bottles) of wine; ideal for small independent distributors.
  • 4' x 5' – This unit can hold up to 60 cases (720 bottles) of wine. This unit is perfect for larger wine distributors and professional sommeliers.
  • 10' x 10' – This unit is our largest unit and can hold 500 cases (6,000 bottles) of wine.

Wine Storage FAQs in Frisco, TX

Looking for more general storage questions? 

Our frequently asked storage questions will have the answer. 

If you have more questions about our offerings at Frisco Wine Storage, feel free to give us a call and speak with a knowledgeable member of our storage team today. 

What’s the difference between climate-controlled storage and wine storage?

Climate-controlled storage is meant to keep your items at a constant temperature throughout the year so your unit will be air conditioned in the heat of summer and heated as the temperatures drop. 

Climate controlled storage is generally kept between 55 and 85 degrees. 

If you plan to store wine, you’ll have to rent a wine storage unit, as it’s against our policy to store perishable items in our standard units. 

Not only that, our wine storage units are kept between 55-58 degrees—the optimal temperature for long-term wine storage.

Do I need a wine storage unit in Frisco, TX?

If you’re a wine enthusiast or distributor, a wine storage unit can help you preserve the integrity and taste of your wine. 

Our units are kept at an optimal 55 degrees and equipped with a backup generator in case of power outages. 

Like our standard storage units, our wine storage units come in a number of sizes, with the smallest unit holding 24 cases of wine and the largest unit holding up to if you want to enjoy a glass with friends or a potential buyer, there are several tasting rooms available.

What zip codes does your Frisco, TX, facility serve?

Our Frisco Wine Storage facility serves the following area codes:

  • 75033
  • 75034
  • 75035
  • 75036
  • 75078
What neighborhoods does your Frisco, TX, location serve?

We provide wine storage solutions to residents and businesses near:

  • Villages of Creekwood
  • Birmingham Estates
  • Stonewater Crossing
  • Windsor Place
  • Waterford Falls
  • Kings Road Estates
  • Meadow Creek
  • Frisco Lakes
What landmarks are near the Frisco, TX, wine storage facility?

You’ll find our Frisco wine storage facility on Old Newman Road near:

  • SushiBox
  • Caliber Collision
  • Caliber Auto Care
  • Black Iron CrossFit
  • Rosa’s Cafe & Tortilla Factory